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A manipulation of the body's soft tissue

- Muscles, skin and underlying structures

- Conscious touch

- The oldest form of medical treatment


Effects on the skin

- Increases cell renewal

- Increases blood circulation

- Increases lymphatic circulation and gives glow and positive effect on edema



Different kinds of massages


Classic massage (Swedish massage)

Classic massage or also called Swedish massage is for the whole body. This treatment is adapted to the customer's needs. The therapist has different techniques and pressures to loosen tension in the body and reduce muscle knots. It has a positive effect of going a bit deep on the tissues but not as deep as a sport massage for example.



Back and neck massage

A classic massage (relaxing massage) on the back and shoulders only. Very nice treatment for those who work in the office and sit a lot in front of the PC. It can have also a preventative effect on, for example, the mouse arm and stiff neck. The treatment is shorter than full body massage.


Relaxation massage

Relax and enjoy. The purpose of this treatment is for relaxation massage and is to reduce stress, relaxation and increased well-being. The masseur will use soft and calm movements and no hard kneading.


Thai massage

Thai massage its a deeply relaxing mentally, physically and emotionally massage and can be considered a hard massage. There will be some stretching, bending and cracking movements. You will like the experience.


Sports Massage

Everyone has an opinion on what sports massage really is but not all persons are correct about it. Most people believe that sports massage is an extra painful deep massage that only elite athletes can use, which is not really true. Sports massage is a dynamic form of treatment that varies according to the purpose of the treatment.

A sports massage is a little different from classic massage. When you choose this kind of massage you can tell our therapist what your problem is, and the massage is adapted accordingly. It can be anything from "heavy" bones to stiff neck. Sports massage is more energetic and specific, compared to classical massage. Some people feel that it can be a little uncomfortable and painful along the way, but that it will make you feel better afterwards.


Couples massage

Pair massage will take place in the same room. Here you will have the massage that you choose at the same time as the person you choose to bring, and it will be a wonderful experience.

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