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Extract from deep-red nori, 10% extract of Alara Sugar kelp. Anti-Cellulite Serum "Tsunami Alga" contains highly concentrated natural bio-active complex of deep-water algae of the Pacific Ocean. Effectively affecting the skin and subcutaneous fat, reduces the appearance of cellulite remedy, it helps to reduce unwanted fat, intensely nourishes the skin, improves its firmness and elasticity. An extract from deep water red alga Nori (porphyry) contains many minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium), vitamins A, C, E, as well as protein and fatty acids, which are involved in the process of cell renewal.

It moisturizes and tones the skin, saturating it with the necessary vitamins and trace elements. It slows down the aging process. 10% of the organic extract Pacific Alar activates skin cells. It stimulates the subcutaneous fat breakdown, reduces cellulite, softens and smoothes the skin. Sugar kelp contains carbohydrates, organic acids, mineral salts, iodine, vitamins A, C, B, B2, WB, B12.

It improves oxygen supply of cells, has a stimulating effect on the skin, increases blood circulation, strengthens the capillaries.

Eliminates fluid retention in the tissues, reduces swelling, tightens the skin.


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