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Pressotherapy - Lymphatic drainage

What is it?

  Pressotherapy is a modern, effective and painless lymphatic drainage method with a strong therapeutic effect in the treatment of cellulite and fatty deposits in the body.



How is done?

  Pressotherapy is a computer-controlled compression system, which operates using inflating pumps combined with infrared heat. The device has five separate chambers, which are positioned around the limbs. These chambers will fill with air and pressure designed to simulate a deep massage, from the toes upwards and then back and forth.  The focus is on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs. Designed to increase blood circulation and lymph flow, pressotherapy enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduces bloating, swelling and edema, alleviates leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the whole body.


Who is it recommended for?

  For those who want:

  • Increase skin tone 

  • Reduce cellulite appearance

  • Improve post-liposuction care

  • Fight against the heavy-legs syndrome

  • Regenerate & detoxicate the body

  • Varicose veins prevention 


How does it look in the end?

  Pressotherapy is a very relaxing experience. Immediately after the treatment your legs should feel extremely light and relaxed. Also, you may experience an increased urge to urinate because of the mobilization of water


How long does it last?

  Depending on what is being treated, and what condition the body is in, sessions can range from 30 to 50 minutes. You will need to do an average of 2 -3 sessions per week for 1.5 to 2 months.



  • Phlebitis

  • Thrombophlebitis

  • Varicose veins

  • Arteriosclerosis

  • Diabetes with microangiopathy

  • Hepatic and renal failure

  • Liver cirrhosis

  • Skin lesions or skin diseases

  • Severe inflammatory processes (tuberculosis , HIV)

  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding

  • Pacemakers and joint replacements



Side effects?



Refill/Touch Up?

  For best results, it is recommended that clients receive a series of treatments, ranging from 8-12 treatments, depending on specific individual needs.  Weekly treatments are recommended to achieve individual results.

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