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What is it?

  Italwax is a professional cosmetic for waxing and is manufactured in accordance with the modern and classic Italian formula under strict supervision of chemists in a laboratory in milano. Italwax has a high adhesive capacity which makes the hair removal procedure more efficient, faster, safer and provides relatively painless during the hair removal process.


How is done?

  We use two different types of wax: Hot wax and cold wax.

For hot wax (hot wax) we don´t use any strips.

This painless wax will harden by itself and when you pull it off it will it´s smooth and easy to work with.

 Cold Wax: is applied in roll-on thin coat and removed with strips against hair.




Who is it recommended for?



How does it look in the end?

  With waxing, you will have the benefit of a light exfoliation. Because the substance adheres to the top layer of skin, it can remove dead skin cells to reveal a softer underlying layer.


How long does it last?

Waxing should last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your personal hair growth


Aftercare Instructions?

The first 24 hours after the treatment:

  • You should not take a hot shower or go to sauna

  • Avoid strong sun or artificial sun

  • Avoid use strong perfumed creams and perfumes at all and make up, if possible

  • Exercising is not good also, because with wax hair follicles leave pores open and its easier to catch an infection.

  • You can use a lotion or a cream for ingrown hairs, if you have tend to have it



  • If you are taking antibiotics or acne medication.

  • Use of skin peeling, skin thinning preparations.

  • Varicose Veins.

  • Underarms: Mastitis.

  • Skin disorders or diseases, such as bruising or recent hemorrhage, Scar tissue (especially recent).

  • Warts, Moles and skin tabs (area can be avoided).

  • Fratures or Sprains.

  • Bruising.

  • Diabetes - some people with diabetes have skin that is very slow to heal. The skin will be watched closely to make sure it does not over react to treatments.

  • Sensitivity test may be conducted.

  • Sunburn.

  • Use of sunbeds 24 hours prior to waxing.

  • If you are receiving cancer therapy (chemotherapy or radiation)


Side effects?

  In most cases, it is very safe, and side-effects are minor, here at AM Esthetic Clinic we use Ital wax a very good wax and we have very good professionals, nevertheless you must be aware that these are the side effects that can occur:

·Redness and Inflammation

·Ingrown Hairs


Refill/Touch Up?

 Each 3 – 4 weeks


What to expect during and after your session? ​

​​  The technician will first sanitize the area and then apply a layer of wax which will be warm. Next, they’ll apply a cloth strip over the wax and apply pressure, so it sticks and then quickly pull it off your skin, taking away the hair.

This process will be repeated over the area being waxed until all hair has gone.

Once you’ve been waxed, the technician will apply a soothing lotion to help calm the skin as it will become red, possibly bumpy and will look irritated.

This is perfectly normal and should calm down in the following 24-hour period.

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