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What is it?

  Profhilo is not a filler, but an injection treatment that restores the level of hyaluronic acid naturally found in the skin.


How is done?

  Profhilo is an Injection treatment performed just below the outer layer of the skin. In the epidermis, the hyaluronic acid spreads under controlled forms and regenerates with the skin's tissues to immediately activate the natural hydration. As a result, the production of elastin and collagen increases, resulting in smoother, firmer and smoother skin. The most common areas to treat with PROFHILO are the face, neck and hands.


Who is it recommended for?

  For those who want a fresh and supple skin. Those who lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin.




How does it look in the end?

  • Smooth and tighten skin on face, neck and body

  • Repair and stimulate the skin

  • Does not provide volume

  • Moisturizes the skin from the inside

  • Simple and fast treatment without "downtime"



Aftercare Instructions?     


  Since it is not major surgery, there is no downtime required for recovery after the treatment. However, it is strongly advised that you don’t apply cosmetics for a few days post-treatment. It’s important to avoid saunas, gyms and make up for a couple of days post-treatment.

  Some swelling and bruising during the few days post-treatment can occur. This is a body’s natural response to the needle and injection. If brushing occurs, it is advised to stay away from sun for a few days. It’s also important to avoid frequently touching the treated area.



  Some autoimmune diseases may be a contraindication to treatment with profhilo.



Side effects?

  Hyaluronic Acid is relatively unproblematic and well tolerated by the human body because our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid anyway, so higher levels of the acid do not trigger many potential side effects.


Refill/Touch Up?

  A complete cure consists of 2 to 3 sessions with one month in between. An additional treatment is recommended after about four to six months to maintain the effect




What to expect during and after your session? ​

​​  It is difficult to predict exactly what results you will achieve from this treatment since everyone is different and everyone’s bodies act differently. General speaking, however, you should expect to see a smoother, clearer and more youthful complexion, with minimized wrinkles, creases and wear. Makes skin look shiny, healthier and more plump - as many fillers do.


How many treatments are needed?

 2 to 3 treatments

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