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Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery)

What is it?

Microblading is a treatment where a technician tattoos eyebrows onto your face. Is a relatively new, manual method. It’s considered semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hairstroke technique.



How is done?

It’s done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. As we’re impacting color closer to the surface, the appearance is crisp and very fine. There is no “spilling” under the skin.


The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly with them.


Who is it recommended for?

  Anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows.

   People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows.


How does It look at the end?


The results are a natural looking, flawless, fuller looking brow. Initially, the brows appear darker, but fade significantly over a two-week period. It’s absolutely crucial to have a touch up done, as it’s very difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment.


How long does it last?

The results can last anywhere from 11 to 18 months, depending on different factors affecting the procedure. However, a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.



Aftercare Instructions?

Day One (Day of treatment): You must rinse your eyebrows with clean water on every hour after the microblading procedure, followed by the post-care cream. Apply the bepanthen cream with a cotton swab and very softs movements. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before washing your eyebrows and/or applying the post-care cream.

Day Two – Nine: You must apply the post-care cream (bepanthen) on your eyebrows several times a day with a minimum of two times a day. Apply the post-care cream with a cotton swab and use no aggressive movement and/or manipulation of the skin. Make sure your hands are completely clean before touching the eyebrows.

The following must be avoided during all nine days post-microblading procedure:

  • Increased sweating 

  • Practicing sports 

  • Swimming 

  • Hot sauna, hot bath or Jacuzzi 

  • Sun tanning or salon tanning 

  • Any laser, chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any creams containing Retin- A or Glycolic Acid on the face or neck 

  • Picking, peeling or scratching of the micro pigmented area in order to avoid scarring of the area or removal of the pigment 

  • Performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning such as garage or basement cleaning where there is a lot of airborne debris 

  • Spicy foods 

  • Smoking 

  • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it may lead to slow healing of wounds 

  • Driving in open air vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles 

  • Touching of the eyebrow area except for when rinsing and applying the post-care cream with a cotton swab 

Before showering apply a layer of post-care cream to protect your eyebrows from moisture. During the shower keep your face away from the showerhead.

Side effects?


Itching and flaking may appear during the first seven days post-microblading procedure. However, experience has shown that if you follow these after-care instructions, the symptoms may quickly disappear.

The healing of deeper wounds might last between 14-21 days. Touch-ups and/or correction of the shape-design is recommended only after this period.

If you have any unexpected problems with the healing of the skin, please contact us immediately, to discuss further instructions.


Refill/Touch Up?

A refill /touch up should be done after 3 to 4 weeks.


What to expect during and after your microblading session? 

Your new temporary eyebrow will go through several phases during the healing cycle.

The pigment will appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually. Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton swab, as this is excess pigment and/or body fluid that is naturally exiting your skin.

Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. This might give you the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly, however, this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows.

Once completely healed, always apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 30 up to SPF 50 on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly.

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